Beer-Sheva Theater: Then & Now

Beer Sheva Theater was founded in 1973, this year will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Every year the theater produces 5 new plays, which appear before 11,000 subscribers from Be'er Sheva and the surrounding area, thousands of students and ticket buyers.

In addition, every evening the theater performs on every possible stage in cultural centers in Israel, from north to south.

The Beer Sheva Theater has about 50 actors, all of whom are graduates of professional acting schools, and also employs about 70 workers, and many more service providers. Over the years, the theater "raised" young and talented actors and creators, who became the leading names in Israeli culture.

The theater's commitment to the community is also reflected in the cooperation of various social organizations. Schools in distressed neighborhoods, youth clubs, aid to at-risk youth, open apartments for the mentally challenged, organizations for the disabled and the IDF organization for the disabled, are just a small part of the organizations that regularly benefit from watching the theater performance at special prices or as a donation.

The Beer Sheva Theater has a unique educational department which is responsible for educating the younger generation to love theater and running about 4 different projects each year of activity. These projects deal with special populations and self and group empowerment of children and teenagers through the medium of theater.

In conclusion, a look at the past and the achievements of the theater today, illustrates the fulfillment of the vision that has become an existing fact. The small urban theater has now become one of the most important and leading theaters in Israel. The Beer Sheva Theater is the largest cultural body from Gush Dan to Eilat and as such the theater takes responsibility in the fields of culture, welfare, education, and settlement.

His name and success precede him, and he is invited to perform in the best cultural halls and the leading theaters in Israel.


In the middle of the day, Dado, a successful children's author, receives a message from Nati, his wife, that she is not coming back today. Very uncharacteristic of her.

Nati, who never forgets anything, who remembers the opening code of the building of all their friends, who has a lid on every plastic box, the one who manages the house, him and the children – is not a person who suddenly disappears. In an attempt to find her and understand why his wife disappeared, Dado goes back in his memory to the last year of their lives. A year that was more turbulent than he thought.

Will Dado and Nati manage to contain the change that has taken place in their lives? To deal with the challenges that parenthood poses? Will their relationship last?


"Short Circuit" is an intimate show in which the audience plays a meaningful role. He is not only a spectator, but also a partner in the journey the couple is going through.


Set and Costume Design Shay Aaron
Music Tomer Katz
Dramaturgie Shahar Pinkas
Movement Design Tal Cohn
Lighting Design Adi Shimrony
Assistant Director Adam Litaor-Moor


Performed by Muli Shulman & Efrat Arnon


שקופית קודמת
שקופית הבאה